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With more than 20 years' specialist experience in stand alone wind and solar hybrid systems, Off-Grid EagleTech Energy is your only choice when it comes to reliable, sustainable power 'off the grid'.

We are not a power company, nor are we an energy company; we are Hongkong's only specialised energy supplier focusing on stand-alone power systems - with renewable energy and battery storage to ensure reliable electricity supply.

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Stand Alone Power - Off Grid Systems


Off-Grid Essential System

Power your holiday homes, weekenders and other efficient smaller dwellings. The system delivers clean and dependable electricty...

Off-Grid Essential System

Off-Grid Essential System

The Essential System™ powers holiday homes, weekenders and other smaller efficient dwellings. It provides clean and dependable electricity during times of occupancy and maintains your essential loads while you’re away.

Ideal for low-consumption users, the Essential System offers a perfect green solution for your holiday retreat without the ongoing commitment and cost of grid connection.


Off-grid complete system

The most versatile of our Stand Alone Power product range, capable of powering a broad range of medium to large properties ...

Off Grid complete System

Off Grid Complete System

The Complete System™ is the most versatile of our Stand Alone Power product range, capable of powering a broad range of medium to large properties including homes, farms, stations and small businesses, with all the reliability of mains power.

Adjusted to meet your requirements. The system is easily scalable by adding any combination of solar panels, wind turbines, micro- hydro or fuel generators, now or as your needs grow.


Off-grid comprehensive system

It is designed to power a range of large properties from single dwellings, buisnesses and homesteads, to stations with mulitiple ...

Off-Grid Comprehensive System

Off-Grid Comprehensive System

AC-Coupling gives the modular flexibility to power virtually any application from larger homes or businesses, to entire communities and mini-grids. "Grow the grid‟ as required.

Not only a cost effective source of dependable electricity, Off-Grid Energy's Standalone Power Systems (SAPS) have some notable benefits over other SAPS including more flexibility, reliability and simple use. Most importantly, our systems achieve a longer life expectancy. Remote monitoring technology gives added peace of mind.

Off-Grid Energy - Recommendations


On Grid Battery Storage
Autonomy Unit

Designed to power your entire property...

Autononmy unit

Reserve Unit 196w112h

Portable Battery Back-up
Yeti1250 Portable Storage

This unit is designed to power the essentials...


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Choosing an Off-Grid System

How to choose the right system for you...

Choosing Off-Grid

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Components to consider
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