On Grid Battery Storage Units, also sometimes referred to as Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS) are primarily designed to supply power during grid failure and blackouts. In remote areas where power infrastructure may struggle to handle peak demands, grid battery backup systems can also be utilised to help deliver peak demand or for off grid smoothing working

With rising power prices and poor grid solar feed in tarrifs, grid battery backup is also becoming a viable option instead of feeding your excess solar into the grid at below market rates. Along with blackout proofing your property, there is the flexibility and advantage to store your excess solar energy and use it when it suits you!

How dose it work?


Off Grid Wind Solar Hybrid Power System (WSHS-Off Grid)


is kind of standalone power system with off grid battery power storage connection. This Off Grid system inlcudes a Wind Power Generator, Solar Panels, Solar Bracket, Wind Solar Hybrid Controller (Off grid) Battery Bank, Inverter (Off grid), Tower Pole. Those components can form a complete standalone system to provide independant power for home appliance use without national power electricity.

Solar, wind turbines and fuel powered generators can be incorporated into these systems to achieve longer autonomy and reduce the reliance on grid power. Incorporating solar power with a MPPT solar inverter is the cheapest and most popular energy input for an energy storage system. These systems can also be configured to act as your primary power supply, only calling on the grid when absolutely necessary.



On Grid Wind Solar Hybrid Power System (WSHS-On Grid)


is kind of on time power system without battery storage connection.This On Grid system includes a Wind Power Generator, Solar Panels, Solar Bracket, Wind Solar Hybrid Controller (On Grid), Inverter (On Grid), Tower Pole. Those components can form a complete in time system to provide power for home appliance use with national power electricity and the power is exactly combined to your domestic national power.  



System Components

Grid storage systems use many of the same components as a standalone power system. These include a power generator (e.g. solar panels, fuel generator), battery bank, charger controller, and an inverter (or an Inverter/Charger).

Please see our Off-Grid Components page for more information on each component

The Off-Grid Energy EagleTech Advantage

When you buy all of your power upfront, your system needs to last. OEA systems have superior life expectancies which are the best in the market. This longevity is achieved through the following fundamentals:

  • Quality Only – it’s not wise to compromise when you are electrically self-reliant! When it comes to batteries, inverters, solar panels and wind turbines, there is a world of difference out there. We source only the very best components.

  • Expert engineering and design – the most common issues we see with inferior standalone power systems include poor sizing, mismatched equipment and unsafe/non-compliant design. The result is frustratingly insufficient or unreliable electricity, and a costly short service life. Our expert technicians will spend time with you ensuring these pitfalls are avoided - helping you to understand your energy needs and to choose the right equipment.

  • AC coupling – increased efficiency, flexibility, and longer battery life compared with other standalone power technologies thanks to advanced ac-coupling.

  • Advanced Battery Management Technology – our battery management systems are unparalleled. Many other standalone systems have a simplistic and crude method of assessing a battery banks’ status, resulting in poor battery maintenance regimes, battery abuse and compromised service life. Our battery inverter systems have pinpoint accuracy, ensuring the batteries receive the right attention at the right time, equating to longer service life. Best of all, this complex hard work happens automatically!